About USI

Unemployment Services, Inc. (USI) was founded in 1992. Our staff has more than 100 years experience in the unemployment cost control industry. Through our experience, we found many shortcomings with others in our industry.  Client services and administration tended to be highly automated in the large national firms and and not adequately serviced by the small vendors.
We have automated only specific functions of our program.  In addition, we have always provided personalized services to our clients.  Our program is constantly being modified and enhanced to continue providing the the best service available.
With over 900 clients, Unemployment Services, Inc. represents employers in every industry including: Management, IT, Transportation, Gaming, Governmental, Country Clubs, Resorts, Retail, Manufacturing, Service, Auto Dealerships, Seasonal, Food Service, Bars, Restaurants, Associations and Non-Profits. Our clients save an average of six times that of our fee each year!

Unemployment Services is proud of the fact they we have grown every year. Even more important is we have a client renewal rate of 98%.

We continually update our services, software and programs to better serve the changing business community.

For a Free Evaluation please send a copy of your most recent tax rate determination to our office via email usi.downey@yahoo.com or fax to 248-926-8902.