With over 100 years of Unemployment Cost Control experience, Unemployment Services, Inc. specializes exclusively in the management and administration of unemployment compensation taxes. We offer employers the most comprehensive program of unemployment services available to employers. Our staff of professionals works toward the goal of reducing and maintaining our clients unemployment rates to ensure them the lowest rate given their industry. Due to our highly successful methods of Unemployment Cost Control and the fact that our average client saves over six times that of our fee, our clients will continue to use our services year after year.

Specializing in:

Reviewing Unemployment Taxes: We review our clients unemployment account to determine the accuracy of all calculations including, Tax Rates, Voluntary Contributions Advisement, Historical Rate Calculations and Projected Unemployment Rates.

Administration of All Unemployment Forms: All forms including Claims, Charges, (Re)Determinations and Rate Notices can be forwarded directly from the state agency to our offices. In this way we are able to process all information and comply with the agency deadlines.

Protest All Invalid Claims: All Quits and Discharges will be protested on the basis of the actual reason the employee separated. Even Lack of Work claims will be protested if the claimant did not have sufficient wages earned from the employer to qualify for benefits. Each claim that is protested will continue to be appealed in our system until we receive a satisfactory determination.

Representation at Referee Hearings: Our Attorney's and Representatives, who have over 70 years experience representing thousands of employers before the Unemployment Insurance Agency, will help you prepare documentation, explain the hearings process, consult on the testimony required for the case and represent the your company at the referee hearing.

Verification of All Benefit Charges: All benefit charges will be audited for accuracy. All incorrect benefit charges will be protested and followed through until a credit is received into the employers account. We have found that an average of 15% to 20% of all benefit charges to employer accounts are incorrect. (It should be noted that most States operate at an error rate of more than 15%.

Management Consulting: Our staff will advise your management on all personnel policy relating to Unemployment. On site educational/procedural management seminars are provided to ensure that all measures are taken to prevent unnecessary charges to your account. We provide our clients with the necessary forms to assist them with; Leaves of Absence, Terminations, Written Warnings and Exit Interviews. We also will review our clients Employee Handbook to make sure that they are in compliance with unemployment regulations.

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