Nonprofit Program

Nonprofit Program

Our Nonprofit Program, Unemployment Services, Inc. (USI) and our partner, First Nonprofit Companies (FNC), provide a unique and very effective unemployment program for nonprofits. The Bonded Service Program is offered by FNC on a national basis, with over 200 nonprofits participating. USI is their exclusive partner for Michigan nonprofits.

Non-Profits are either administering their claims “in-house” or using the services of another vendor or group program. In either case, these companies are now utilizing our individual unemployment-funded alternative and are now saving between 20%-50% off their previous unemployment expenses.

We also offer a group option, with more than 900 nonprofits participating.

Please take the time to determine if our unemployment program would save your organization money that you might put to better use in fulfilling your mission. Please complete the below application for quote and send it to us for a free evaluation and quote.

Program benefits include:

-Significant savings over State tax systems
-Specially created for nonprofit organizations
-Payment of all unemployment benefit charges
-Fixed cost to eliminate budget uncertainty
-Precise allocation to funding sources
-Professional claims administration including appeal representation
-Consolidation of all unemployment expenses
-Multi-year coverage options

Why continue to pay more to your state system or face the risk of self-insuring? Select the better alternative with our First Nonprofit Bonded Service Program.

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